African Blanket Series

The direct influence of this body of work comes from the years I was both a resident and traveled within South Africa and its neighboring countries. Within those eight years I connected with the land, its people and the cultures.

The further inland I travelled, the less influence there was to modern life, and the more simplistic life became, to the point of least distraction. Miles upon miles of bush and animals separate the villages where tribes live with all generations together in shared space. Their elders are their respected ones. Their children are joyful. They display their celebration of life through color, textiles, food, music and dance. Their possessions are few. They appreciate it all.

With this experience I learned to recognize and celebrate the gift of life itself. These images are with me always.  The brilliant colored textiles along with the people and their water colored skies that go on forever.

“African Blanket Series” is a celebration of this culture and the beauty of their people.