Prana Series

“Prana Series” is a personal reflection of the artists herself.

“Years ago I began a daily practice of experiencing moments of stillness to acknowledge my appreciation for my life in the present and to envision what I wish to attract in future.  This practice of meditation has brought a positive influence in my life experience and a clearer perception of my reality and my intentions in life.”

“Prana Series," which include Zen sculptures, were inspired through Barbara’s own experience.  They are created to entice the viewer into a moment of stillness, reflect upon the appreciation of life itself and to create a clearer view of ones intentions.

Barbara’s unique blending of fused and hot-glass techniques are brought together in this series. By pulling thin threads of molten glass she creates the clear and reflective elements in her work.  Then turning her skill to fusion, she creates from brilliant dichroic glass, the base on which to melt the threads. This combination of techniques is unique to Barbara’s work and the out come is distinct to her voice as a glass artist.

Prana - “life force”

Zen - “a total state of focus that incorporates a complete togetherness of body and mind”